Sunday, February 22, 2009

Improved Lighter and Other Daily Carries

Every day I make sure I have three things with me when I leave the house.

The first is a Leatherman multi tool. It doesn't matter if you are a survivalist, a homesteader or a business man sitting at his desk, these always come in handy.

The second is a nice Gerber pocket knife. I have a sheath for it that is slightly larger than the knife. This allows me to put a small LED flashlight, some string (some extremely strong black type used for necklaces), a small fire starter cube, matches and a mini compass. All of these things are very small and light. I really don't even realize they are in the sheath.

The third thing I carry is a lighter. The key here is to buy the lighters with the little LED lights in the bottom of them. They have a button on the side to turn the light on when needed. They also have the push down tops to light them rather than the wheels. I like this in case it is very cold and your fingers are having a hard time turning the wheel.

I wrap these lighters with a bunch of duct tape between the button and the top. This allows me to have a lighter, a flashlight and duct tape. I always find myself using the LED on the lighter. Whether it is to look into a dark tank or to find my way along a trail after dark, it has come in very handy almost daily. And I don't have to mention how valuable it is to have a little duct tape on hand.

So there you have it. Three things that improve my life daily.

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  1. I don't wear a belt, but carry a leatherman squirt in my pocket. It's not quite as fancy as the bigger ones, but has a smaller version of all the basics and is so handy for standard mom duties! Also have an LED light on my keys which has been used a lot! Have to think how I'm usually at home or in the car, so haven't thought much about carrying fire gear, etc. daily. Some good ideas--thanks for the post!