Monday, February 2, 2009

High Altitude Vegetable Seeds

If you live at a higher elevation, you understand how difficult it can be to grow an abundent vegetable garden in a short, harsh season. This year I discovered the Seeds Trust, a seed company that specializes in high altitude seeds. They travel all over the globe in search of the hardiest varieties of vegetables they can find. And because they test their seeds in high elevation (6,000 ft.) Idaho gardens, I can trust they will work for me, as I am also in Idaho (4,000 ft.). Although I have not had the chance to test anything yet, as soon as spring arrives, I will be in the garden and will let you know how everything works out.

If you are looking for some seeds for this years crops, and you are in a harsh climate, I encourage you to check out the vegetable varieties they have on this site.

They are especially fond of their tomatos. We all know how hard the frosts can be on our tomato plants. Luckily Seed Trust has, I believe, thirty-two varieties. Seven of these are their cold weather tomatos. These are the tomato varieties most likely to produce fruit in sketchy weather .

I went with the Sub Arctic Plenty Early Tomato and the Gem State Early Tomato. I'll let you know how well they do.

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